Curriculum covering everything from early learning to high school.

  • real life learning experiences
  • project based learning (PBL)
  • ideas for making learning inspirational
  • virtual learning
  • a playlist curriculum

FutureGen Education

Angela  is  highly  recognised  for  her  innovative  development  curriculum  resources  and  engaging  professional  learning  for  teachers.

Greg  is  one  of Australia’s  leading  agriculture  consultants  with  a  passion  for  incorporating  hands  on  activities  into  the  learning  environment.  Future Gen  Education  is a  bottom-up  activation  —  bringing  together  this  unique  collaboration  develop  curriculum  support  for  schools  and  professional learning  for  teachers.

What  is  the  mission  of  FutureGen  Education?

The  mission  of  FutureGen  Education  is  to  integrate  a  curriculum  around  Science,  Technologies,  Agriculture  and  Food,  and  advocate  for  the curriculum  to  be  hands-on  and  project-based  in  a  contextual  environment.

Our  work  is  underpinned  by  the  work  of  Lee  Crockett.  It  uses  the ‘solution  fluency through through  six  phases:  Define;  Discover;  Dream,  Design; Deliver  and Debrief.  While  our  work  has  been  focused  on  Science, Sustainability  and  Food  and  Fibre  production  or  Agriculture  in  education,  we first became aware  of  the  “maker  movement”  in  2016,  when developing curriculum  resources  for  National  Science  Week  in  schools.  It  was  through this work  that we  became  excited  about  how  the  movement was  utilizing similar  tactics  for  education  reform  as  we  were  hoping  to  aspire  to.

We  firmly  believe  that  schools  need  to  provide  space  for  students  to  develop  a  growth  mindset  that  embodies  entrepreneurial  thinking,  passion, problem  solving,  creativity,  collaboration  and  embraces  critical  thinking  as  an  integral  part  of  learning  and  success.

The  values  of  making:  creativity, accepting  failure,  invention,  collaboration,  problem  solving,  critical  and  creative  thinking...these  are  all  skills  that  we believe  should  be  at  the  forefront of  our  educational  experiences.

As  the  world  changes  around  us,  we  want  to  see  adaptive  and  collaborative skills over  content,  and  we  want  to see  learning  that  connects  with  the human  element  of  thinking  and  learning.  Dive  into  our  learning  resources  and explore  how  they  support students  to  become  creative  and  responsive designers,  as  they  make,  create  and  design  solutions  for  real-world  contexts.  

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